Hi, my name is

Hamza Khan

I build web applications

I am a Software Engineer who graduated from the University of Karachi. I have over 3 years of experience working as a Full Stack Engineer in the industry, specializing in both Microservice and Monolithic architectures, and using the latest industry-leading technologies and working on high scale applications.

About Me

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Backend Developer

I specialize in building efficient and scalable server-side systems for web applications. My focus is on writing clean and maintainable code to ensure seamless functionality and optimal performance.

Languages I speak:

Javascript, Typescript, NodeJS, Java, Kotlin

Databases, Frameworks & Dev Tools

Fastify ExpressJS NestJS Spring MySQL PostgresSQL Elasticsearch Redis RabbitMQ Kafka Jest Mockito Docker Kubernetes

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Frontend Developer

I like to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces that bring design concepts to life. My focus is on crafting efficient and engaging web pages that delight users.

Languages I speak:

HTML, CSS, ReactJS, NextJS

Frameworks & Dev Tools

ThreeJS MatterJS SolidJS MaterialUI AntDesign Tailwind CSS SpringJS

Where I've Worked

Senior Software Engineer I

Mar 2023 - Present · 10 mos

  • Working in Commercials squad
  • Responsible for building and maintaining internal tools which relates to Procurement process and Fulfillment process
  • Working in a highly Test Driven Environment
  • Working with multiple Microservices
  • Following Extreme Programming Methodology with high focus on Pair Programming

My Recent Work

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People I've worked with have said some nice things...

I am thrilled to recommend Hamza, a full stack developer who worked under my supervision on my team. During our time working together, I have been consistently impressed with Hamza's exceptional skills Node, and React, as well as their remarkable ability to build strong logic and software architecture. One of Hamza's greatest strengths is their lightning-fast learning ability. They have consistently demonstrated their capacity to learn quickly and efficiently, whether it be in mastering a new framework or technology, or in understanding complex tasks requirements. Additionally, Hamza has an incredible knack for getting difficult tasks done in record time, while maintaining an exceptional level of quality in their work. I have no doubt that Hamza will continue to excel in their career. Their strong technical skills, impressive work ethic, and commitment to excellence make them a valuable asset to any team. I would highly recommend Hamza to any organization in need of a talented and hardworking developer.

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Muhammad Yousuf Iqbal Khan
Development Lead (Delivery & Payments) at Bykea